The Myth of Experience

“You are too young for this”

“Don’t do this, listen to me I am more experienced than you”

“Don’t try to teach me, I have seen world more than you”

“Oh my child! Don’t be so overconfident, the real world is way far different than you imagine!”

How to not judge the book by its cover!

we all gossip about something or someone behind their back so we are also the guilty ones. Third thing, we are humans and as per the human nature we change ourselves according to our surroundings. So don’t go for this crap just try to accept our nature. I know it feels good but it is like that false assurance to your-self which is toxic. Acceptance is not easy but it is far better than toxic assurance.

Can you multitask?

If overthinking 10 different incidents in my head then yes I multi-task. If writing 10 different things in my notebook then yes I multi-task If reading 10 different books and blog and comment on them then yes I multi-task If juggling and balancing so many thoughts in my brain then yes I multi-task.

How to not go with the flow

Have you ever seen any successful person’s interview? If yes, then you’ll get this point, and if no, then I’ll tell you what they generally mean. In one of his interview, Bill Gates once said when the interviewer asked him the question on his success, he said, in my youth, I never thought about being this successful or this rich, that time I just love coding. I never thought about any other thing. To him this is his definition of success.


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